Students who have passed examination of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary examination are eligible for admission to F.Y.B.com. Students from other states can also apply for admission to F.Y.B.Com. after completing H.S.C. or such other equivalent examination.

The University of Pune has introduced a new syllabus for a of degree course from June 2008. As per the prescribed new structure of F.Y.B.Com the college has introduced the following subjects.

Compulsory Papers

1. Functional English
2. Accountancy
3. Business Economics (MICRO)

Select any one subject - (Group A) Combination of Two Papers

1. Marathi and Mathematics & Statistics.
2. Marathi and Computer Concept & Programming.
3. Additional English and Mathematics & Statistics
4. Additional English and Computer concepts & Programming

Select any one Subject - (Group B) Combination of two papers

1. Banking & Finance and Marketing & Salesmanship
2. Banking & Finance and Business Environment and Entrepreneurship

3. Vocational Course in Computer, Papers I& II
4. Vocational Course in Tax Procedure and Practices, Papers I& II

A student of First year B.Com is required to get eligibility certificate from Pune University. For this certificate a student is required to fill in an application in the prescribed form through college office, failing to which, a student will not be allowed to appear for the final examination.

A student of F. Y. B.Com can join National Service Scheme or National Cadet Crops activity of the College. A student who can not take up NSS or NCC is required to attend P.T. periods as per time table. A student must satisfactorily complete P.T. examination conducted at the end of the academic year.

As per the new structure of F.Y.B.Com a student will complete six practicals (3 practicals for each term)for "Accountancy" subject. These practicals are to be completed as per the instructions of subject teacher. A journal is to be maintained for completion of the practical work. A student must obtain signature of the subject teacher and the Head of the department at the end of the academic year after completion of all the practicals. Only on completion of six practicals on schedule a student is allowed to appear for the final oral examination of twenty marks. These marks are added to the total marks obtained by the student in the final written / theory examination.

1. A candidate who has secured at least 40% of marks in each head of passing will be declared to have passed in the paper.
2. Each theory & practical examination is a separate head of passing.
3. A student who fails in two theory & one practical head of passing of F.Y.B.Com may be allowed to keep terms (ATKT) for S.Y.B.COM.

Every student of F.Y.B.Com. must undergo medical examination organized by the college. This medical checkup creates awareness among the students about physical fitness. It is compulsory for every student to undergo such checkup failing to which, the student may not be allowed to appear for the university examination.

Compulsary Papers

1. Business Management
2. Corporate Accounting
3. Business Economics (Macro)
4. Corporate Law
5. Business Communication

Optional Group (anyone of the following) Paper I

1. Business Administration
2. Business Law and Practices
3. Banking & Finance
4. Business Entrepreneurship
5. Marketing & Advertisement
6. Cost &Works Accounting
7. Computer Applications.


A student of Vocational Computer Course will appear for Vocational Computer Application Paper III and Paper IV. These students will be exempted from appearing for 'Elements of Company Law' and an optional subject. Likewise a student of Vocational taxation course will appear for Vocational Taxation Paper III & Paper IV instead of 'Elements of Company Law' from the compulsory subjects and the optional paper selected from the optional group.


For S. Y.B.Com a student will complete practical for two subjects.
1) Business Communication
2) Special Subject paper - II , opted from the Optional group

Rule Regarding ATKT

A student who fails in two theories and one practical head of passing at S.Y.B.Com will be allowed to keep terms (ATKT) for T.Y.B.COM. However a student must have passed all the subject heads, theory as well as practical, at the F.Y.B.Com level.

Compulsory Papers

1) Business Regulatory Framework (M.Law)
2) Advanced Accounting
3) Indian and Global Economic Development
4) Auditing and Taxation

Optional Group Paper II and Paper III

1) Business Administration
2) Business Laws and Practices
3) Banking & Finance
4) Business Entrepreneurship
5) Marketing & Advertisement
6) Computer Application
7) Cost and Works Accounting


A student of Vocational Computer and Vocational Taxation will appear for Paper V & Paper VI of Computer Application and Vocational Taxation respectively. Such student will be exempted from appearing from both the papers of optional group.


For T.Y.B.Com a student will complete practicals for three subjects:
1. Auditing and Taxation
2. Special subject Paper II & Paper III, selected from the optional Group.

Standard of Passing

Class is awarded to the student on the aggregate marks obtained by him / her as per rules of the University of Pune and on the basis of performance in S.Y.B.Com and T.Y.B.Com. The rules for award of class are as under.
1. Aggregate 70% and above First class with distinction
2. Aggregate 60% and above but less than 70% First Class
3. Aggregate 55% and more but Less than 60% Higher Second Class
4. Aggregate 50% and more but less than 55% Second Class
5. Aggregate 40% and more but Pass Class
6. Less than 50%
7. Below 40% Fail