Academic Committees

Staff Academy & Staff Secretary

Dr. Asha Khilare (Head)
Dr. S. D. Zagade (Staff Secretory)
Dr. Sulabha Patole

The faculty members aware of the current trends in their fields and equipped with upto date knowledge are undoubtedly, the most importantasset of any institution. Hence, for increasing andupdating the knowledge of faculty members,college conducts Faculty Development Programmes. Quality Circle for faculty development has delegated the responsibility of organizing events for faculty enrichment,recreation and personality development to Staff Academy. Since last accreditation this Academy has been organizing events for staff like, Quality Circle – Role and Mechanism,Excellence in Quality and Continual Improvement through ISO 2001-2000, Film on Quality Circle, Quality in Higher Education, Right to Information Act – Guest Lecture,Self-realization, Vipashyana for healthy mind and body cloning, Seminar for health awareness titled 'Health is Wealth', Stress Management, Occupational Hazards : Dos and Don'ts, Daily Exercises, Diet and Health, Lecture on 'New Technology in IT : Utility to Teaching Staff, Group Discussion on 'The Book I liked very much...” etc.