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About MES - Maharashtra Education Society

The City Pune, today is known as the nucleus of education. The city owes this reputation to several educational institutes. The Maharashtra Education Society holds an important share.

MES ,formerly known as `Poona Native Institution` originated from a private tuition by Shri. Mahagaonkar in 1860...the mantle later carried by Bapu Bhajekar. This private tuition later transformed into The Poona Native Institution in 1874. The founders of Poona Native Institution are Vaman Prabhakar Bhave, Vasudev Balvant Phadke, and Laxman Narhar Indapurkar. The great revolutionary freedom fighter Vasudev Balvant Phadke was the first Secretary and treasurer of Poona Native Institution. Today it is known as Maharashtra Education Society…M.E.S.

It was formed with the aim of planting nationalistic thoughts and creating a generation of strong character and ideals. The last one hundred and fifty years stand testimony to the fact that the aims of the society have been achieved.

MES has given several gems in various fields, not just to Maharashtra but also to the nation. What started as a simple, single seed is now an enormous tree.

Identifying the changing needs of the times and with a vision of the future, MES has achieved several novel targets. Little pathways of yesteryears have now transformed into huge expressways. The growing capacity of MES have made it inevitable for the society to branch out of Pune into Saswad, Baramati, Panvel, Belapur, Kalamboli, Shirwal, Kasar Amboli and Nagar. The society is operational even in Chiplun. The reason behind this is simultaneous qualitative and quantitative growth.

MES is the leading organisation that provides complete education from K.G. to P.G. For a century and a half, the society has nurtured the quality of education, availability of facilities along with social and moral values of life...